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5 Interior paint colour trends for in 2022!

The interior paint colour trends 2022 will recharge, break boundaries, and refresh every space this year.

Colour shapes our everyday lives. From the different hues on our walls, to the many shades of couch, your home's colour scheme plays an important part in creating a joy-filled space.

It’s been a rocky couple of years, and it’s fair to say that our multi-everything homes are craving some reset, colour-me-happy therapy. Throughout the limbo of uncertain times, we have often stuck to what we know. Retreating to comfort blanket neutrals like grey, cosy cream and beige. But now, as we transition into a new year, with hopefully a little more optimism, the interior paint colour trends for 2022 are sure to have a positive impact on your space.

Featuring highly of course in the latest home decorating trends and colours for 2022, these looks will recharge, break boundaries, and refresh every space, to reflect how we now live and use our homes. Bring on the colour.

As we crave freedom, expansion, and a return to nature, interiors will embark on a bright kaleidoscope colour story, balanced with emerging and restorative new neutrals.

Interior paint colour trends to unleash your home's true personality - what shades will shape how you decorate?


2022 is the year of green supreme with a fresh forest of verdant shades bringing the rejuvenating virtues of nature inside. As digital lifestyles become ever more demanding, home retreats crave a deeper connection to authenticity, rooted in raw materials, tactile touches, and nurturing, living hues.


Create a sanctuary of calm with muted green infusions that help to quiet our minds and bring comfort to decluttered spaces. Naturally joyful and optimistic, soft, organic shades encourage creativity and self-expression with a modern twist.


Breathing new life into interiors, transformative shades inspired by sea to sky infinities are airy and fresh. Soothing blues promote a sense of tranquillity, particularly effective in relaxation spaces like bedrooms and blue bathrooms. With so many diverse shades to choose from, blue can strike many chords. Electric blues add drama to walls, whilst cooler tones can lend an industrial mood.


When choosing a bold paint colour for an intimate room such as a bedroom, it’s important to choose a paint that is made from natural materials as they’re much softer and chalkier in tone, so the result won’t appear too harsh. It’s important to consider the lighting in a room when painting it a colour such as red. This colour takes on slightly different tones throughout the day and the seasons. It’s vibrant and fresh in the morning, cosy and rich in the evening.


Calming neutrals will be the colour trend of 2022 and probably beyond. Stress levels are at an all-time high and the last thing most people want to come home to is a home with walls painted in a colour that can dramatically raise anxiety and stress levels. After a stressful day of bad news and work, you probably want to come home to clean, light hues and tones; think blues and greens. As such, colours that promote relaxation and serenity will be the interior colour trends of 2022.

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