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Popular Trends for Kitchen Renovations in 2023!

kitchen renovation trends

1. Sustainability

Incorporating environmentally friendly features into their new kitchen is a pressing concern for Houzz users, with a whopping 95 percent making sustainable inclusions. These include:

- LED bulbs

- Energy-efficient appliances

- Water-efficient fixtures

2. Contemporary kitchens rule the roost.

A contemporary-style kitchen is at the top of the wish list for renovators in 2023.

3. Light is right.

The colour of choice for a kitchen in 2023 is none other than the perennial favourite, white. This neutral is the most favoured colour for kitchen walls, as well as for components such as cabinetry, benchtops, and splashbacks. When it comes to the colour of kitchen flooring, wood in a medium tone is the most popular choice followed closely by the same material in a light tone.

4. Components are king.

Tiles for kitchen splashbacks.

Brushed nickel for handle ware.

5. A kitchen for all uses

A recent study revealed how multi-functional we need today’s kitchens to be. While most homeowners use the kitchen for cooking, they also bake, eat, entertain, and socialise there.

One in 10 homeowners also work from their kitchen. So it’s no surprise then that when renovating homeowners are updating their appliances as part of their kitchen renovation to incorporate technology into their kitchen appliances. Wifi connectivity and smartphone/tablet controls and colour touchscreen displays rated the most desirable of possible electronic inclusions in this year’s kitchens. Your turn

Which of these elements would you incorporate into your dream kitchen? Get in touch to discuss your thoughts and get our expert advice to get that renovation under way.


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