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5 Rules of Renovating!

Hope for the best but assume the worst and do the planning to finish the refurbishment with minimal setbacks. Even a mini crisis, like a delivery mishap or measuring error, can make renovating a stressful event. But there are tricks to minimising or being prepared for problems.

1. Factor for budget blow outs

The most common complaint of first timers is that everything costs more than expected. Overspend often results from not recognising that changes cost extra. It’s standard for builders to write into the contract that alterations after work have started incurring an additional cost, often an extra 10 to 20.

MAKE IT WORK - Most renos are unpredictable so it’s almost impossible to lock in an exact price. Do the sums then factor in a contingency fund of up to 20 to cover any emergencies.

2. Choose a reputable builder

Whether it’s poor-quality work, overcharging or bad communication, the repercussions of having a dodgy builder or tradie can last for years.

MAKE IT WORK Do the research, get at least three quotes and check that the builders are quoting for the same inclusions and allowances.

3. Expect surprises

Surprises can be unearthed during demolition and there is the risk of finding termites, damp, electrical or underpinning problems. Do inspections for termites and damp plus structural checks as early as possible so you know what to expect and can set budgets and timelines to suit.

4. Visit the site often

Many mistakes can be avoided simply by being on site. If problems, like the wrong appliance being delivered, are noticed early they can be solved with minimum extra cost and stress. Even with a project manager, allocate as much time as possible to visiting the site.

5. Budget for landscaping

Landscaping often drops off or is left at the end of the list. Don’t underestimate the cost as it’s labour intensive and can be expensive. Get quotes at the beginning so you can allocate part of the budget. Plan for major outdoor earthworks at the same time as reno excavations to provide machinery access.

If you are looking at a reno project and need someone who can help you from start to finish, then give All Group WA a call today and book an obligation free consult with one of our experts. #allgroupwa


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