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6 home improvements to make in 2022!

The start of any new year is a chance to reflect on things we'd like to change in our lives and for many of us who've spent more time than ever in our spaces the past two years, home improvements are high on the list.

But some home upgrades offer a bigger payoff than simply looking good. Clever updates will make your home both beautiful and functional, adding value when it eventually comes time to sell.

Here are six home improvements that are worth the investment.

Create more storage

Storage is king in any home, no matter how small or large. Not only do clever storage solutions make daily life and flow of tasks much easier for those currently living in the home, but things like built-ins are now seen as expected must-haves by prospective buyers.

Bedrooms, laundries and kitchens are places where storage is crucial. Custom storage, such as a mix of open and closed shelving spanning an entire wall, can give certain rooms that "wow" factor.

Spruce up the outdoors

First impressions count. Ensuring your front entryway and garden is well-cared for is a home improvement worth your time.

But backyard areas are just as important, especially to outdoor-loving Aussies. A renovation of an outdoor space can add huge value to a home, if you're careful not to "over renovate".

Create a space to gather that provides shade, add some minor landscaping (choosing the right low-maintenance plants for your climate) and consider an outdoor kitchen, even if budget only allows for something quite simple. These three elements will transform your alfresco living and impress both guests and future buyers alike.

Install an air conditioning system

Not all Aussie homes were built with great insulation or to capture cross breezes so for many Australians, air conditioning is a must. A quality, sleek wall mounted air conditioning unit will more than meet your heating and cooling needs across a year, while pleasing potential future buyers.

Modernise the kitchen

Upgrading kitchens and bathrooms can completely transform your home, but don't overdo it. Updated spaces add great value, but going too far or too personal with renovations – adding things like marble tiles or bold wallpaper often don't return the value you'd expect.

Changing out a backsplash, for example, is one cost-effective way to update and modernise a kitchen without blowing the budget. Swapping dated hardware on your cabinetry is another affordable trick with a big impact. You can also have existing cabinets repainted to change the entire look and feel of your space.

Update your flooring

If your home has multiple types of flooring or dated floors crying out for a refresh, 2022 is the year to tackle the job.

Using consistent flooring in the main areas of the home creates cohesion and flow within a space, often making it feel bigger. And depending on the material and tone of the floors, you can anchor a space or create a light, bright and airy atmosphere.

Create a dedicated work-from-home space

Searches for "home offices" increased by 108 per cent last year, according to the 2021 Houzz Emerging Home Design Trends Report. And this trend isn't going anywhere as we further integrate into our 'new normal'.

Whether you choose to convert a guest bedroom or get crafty by carving out a small-space solution to create a multi-use room, a home office is seen as an absolute must-have in modern, post-pandemic homes.

At All Group WA we can assist with all your renovation needs. Give the team a call to 6373 2494 to discuss how to get started TODAY!


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