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Five tips to help organise your next home renovation.

Whether it’s your first home renovation or your tenth, then you’ll know just how quickly things can become chaotic.

Fortunately, there are easy ways to stay organised.

To help you through this journey, we’ve put together a list of five tips to help organise your next home renovation.

Embrace the chaos

No matter how closely you stick to your timeline, your renovation will more than likely become chaotic.

So instead of trying to resist it, we recommend embracing the craziness.

Here are some small adjustments you can make:

- Figure out which spaces can double up (bedroom as living room)

- Work in weekly meals that are easy replacements without a kitchen

- Maintain a space that’s dust-free and tools-free

- Keep your everyday essentials in one room.

- Another great tip way to embrace the chaos is to plan around your timeline.

If it’s just a few weeks, then drastic changes might not be necessary. But if it’s a year, then you may need to consider other living arrangements to keep life sane.

Categorise the Clutter

At some point during the renovation, you might feel overwhelmed with clutter. To help manage this feeling, organise your clutter into categories.

Here are the four categories that you can use to organise the clutter in your next home renovation:

Category one: “I’ll need this throughout the reno”

Category two: “I’ll need this from time to time”

Category three: “I definitely won’t need this”

Category four: “I should’ve gotten rid of this a long time ago”

Keep category 1 and 2 (your must-have essentials) together to make sure it’s easy to access at any time and anything that falls into category three, you should store. If you’re not reaching for it, get it out of the way.

Consider convenient storage

When starting your renovation, you’ll likely have furniture you want to keep and furniture you’re selling or giving away.

For the furniture that you decide to keep, consider a convenient storage solution where you know it will be safe and won’t get damaged.

Keep storage organised

The best way to combat the stress and chaos of moving your stuff is to make sure your storage is organised.

Whether it’s using labels or where it’s stored, here are a few things you can do to make it easier to move and locate what you need:

- Make sure your storage is compact and free to move

- Be methodical with how you stack your stuff

- Minimise storing stuff in your closet so it can be used as a safe zone.

- Remove as much as you can

If you are thinking about a renovation then give us a call, our team are ready to help you through the process and help you achieve your renovation goals. #allgroupwa


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