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Renovation tips for a tight budget!

Renovating is something of a national sport in this country. And it's little wonder why. For many Australians, the compromise made on a certain type or condition of property is the only way to get into our seemingly unstoppable property market. You do not need to spend a fortune to renovate, but you do need to be ruthless in what you include in the scope.

1. Have a plan.

Before you start any renovation project, assess whether it's likely to add value to your property and your life. Know your budget and accept it. If the budget's too small for the scope of work required, map out a phased approach and tackle the project bit by bit over an extended period.

2. Explore and consult

Speak to an interior designer, architect, or draftsperson to see if the layout of your home can be improved/revamped without having to extend the existing footprint. Sometimes moving a door or an internal wall can change everything. Engaging an expert, even just for a few initial ideas, can help you see the wood from the trees.

3. Work with the existing house's footprint

Avoid removing supporting beams or walls; doing so can be hugely costly. Focus on the existing structure and aim to keep all your facilities in the existing place. The less you tinker with the structure, the cheaper the project will be.

4. Quick hits

Sweat the small stuff that you see and use daily like taps, cupboard handles and decent joinery in the kitchen. You will never regret repainting and recarpeting. Save your special/luxe materials for small areas where you're looking to make a statement.

5. Guiding light

Skylights and solar tubes will change the feeling of any room. Use them to highlight a space and prepare to be wowed.

And most importantly, enjoy the process - the love and soul you put into it are what will make your house your home.

If you are looking at a reno project and need someone who can help you from start to finish, then give All Group WA a call today and book an obligation free consult with one of our experts. #allgroupwa


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